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CanXsee is live!

Introducing canXsee: a groundbreaking app designed to connect local communities, businesses, and organisations. 

Crafted as a hyper-localised digital ecosystem, canXsee offers an intuitive platform where residents can explore local events and attractions, connect with fellow community members, and access an array of local businesses, services, and organisations.

At its core, canXsee is dedicated to connecting regional communities with essential local services. A user-friendly interface and an extensive set of features enable users to view nearby events and attractions, connect with other community members, and even create and manage their own events and attractions. Easy search, map, and calendar views, along with an extensive set of filters, help users easily discover hidden gems—places, events, and services in their preferred location, be it a playgroup in the park, a venue for hire, or free acoustic sessions at the local cafe.

Being a powerful platform to reunite disjointed communities, CanXsee’s vision goes far beyond its practical search and discovery functionality. With its social purpose centered around togetherness, canXsee is all about rediscovering the joy of community, sharing experiences, and navigating our way back to each other.

CanXsee is about fostering a sense of belonging and community engagement. We are creating an ecosystem for all things local, which has never been done before in Eurobodalla,” says Sanchee Barnes, the visionary female founder. “As a local resident and a mother, I’ve experienced the challenges of discovering activities or destinations to enjoy with my kids. Hidden gems might be right in our neighbourhood, but often, we are just unaware of them. Although I tried Facebook groups and event platforms, I couldn’t find a comprehensive overview of what Eurobodalla really has to offer.”

I viewed this as an opportunity to offer our community a tool for exploration and connection—a platform that uplifts and empowers, closing the divide between residents like myself and local businesses and organisations.

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canXsee | Explore local events, communities & services

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